Sailing on the same boat

Kiara left for Mumbai, not only Kiara but someone else was there who left for same destination. Aditya Oberoi famous actor reducer model having Fame money cars etc but he was not having one thing a best friend, Aditya was having largest female fan following on his Instagram, Twitter, Facebook another social media handles. He was an orphan his parents passed away when he was 16 his grandmother raised him Aditya completed his schooling from Chandigarh Panchgani and further studies from Mumbai Aditya took degree in architecture but acting watch later his first priority and today he was so popular among youngsters specially girls Aditya was so mysterious he never tried to make friends. Kiara reached in airport he took her boarding pass before entering the cabin Balraj and Devraj kiara’s bodyguards check the whole business class compartment after checking the requested Kiara to take her seat air hostess welcome all the passengers on the board and Aditya Oberoi enters the cabin air hostess shows Aditya his seat and says” please sir sit comfortably and enjoy your journey”.  Aditya was sitting next to Kiara Aditya took a seat but suddenly Devraj and Balraj came towards him and ask to stand up for checking Aditya didn’t question anything and cooperated with them checking was done Balraj and Devraj requested Aditya to sit and went back to their seats . Yeah I was so embarrassed about silly behaviour her bodyguards did with Aditya so in a very soft and hesitating voice she said “I am so sorry for that checking crap happened actually I am fed up of all this now I’m sorry once again”, Aditya replied” no please don’t say sorry actually sometimes I also go through all this crap no need to be sorry it’s perfectly fine and that means sometimes we both say on same boat oh I am so sorry I forget to introduce myself hi I am Aditya Oberoi an actor and model”. Kiara replied in hesitating voice again,” who doesn’t knows you by the way hi I am ‘Kiara’ Kiara Malhotra” Aditya immediately said ,”don’t tell me that you are Mr Raj Malhotra’s daughter business tycoon in India”. Hello friends and Blogger and today the today’s article I hope you read it and I hope you will read it but today I am signing off I know that I am leaving article incomplete but trust me this article is such a cute story of Kiara and Aditya if anybody of you can guess future story in comment me on my blog and the following post thank you bye bye

Opening doors(edited version)

There was a girl name Kiara full name Kiara Malhotra daughter of big name and business tycoons Raj Malhotra and Priya Malhotra owners of Malhotra industries. Kiara was an introvert girl who was living in a luxurious Bungalow in capital of India New Delhi she was very quiet  and she was a topper of a class her parents will never having time for her father was busy in making money business meetings conferences official work tours. Where as mother was busy in makeup beauty  shopping ,yoga classes. Kiara was having everything branded makeup shoes ,bags ,phone laptops iPads dresses etc. Nobody cares care about her, one day Priya receive the call from her sister Naina , Naina Advani a very famous social worker and very rich but she was very dedicated towards her work ,she was the  who cared for Kiara who was concerned about her.